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With over 30 years in the building trades, you can rely on our experience, professionalism, inspection equipment, process, and reports.

business founded and operated by a Certified Tradesmen, because you want the people who build homes to inspect them.

Assurance House Inspections
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Tradesman with 30 yearS' Experience

Because nothing is more important than your family’s safety

Assurance is the inspection service that is owned and operated by certified tradesman who know building systems and take pride in the service we provide, paying attention to each and every detail of your home or the home you are thinking about buying. We offer thorough inspections and peace of mind knowing the job was done right.


With everything in life things starts with a good foundation, and that's where we start. Making sure it's strong to withstand the many years of force it endures holding up the place you call home.


Without walls to shield you from the elements there is no home. We check ensuring they will stand and guard you from Mother Nature and all she will send your way. With thermal indication we can tell you if there is heat loss and with years of experience, we will check the windows siding and let you know if it was all put together the proper way.

Roof Inspection
& Structure Integrity

Keeping the rain out is one of the most important jobs of you home. and a thorough roof inspection will let you know if it is doing its job. We will also inspect the attic searching for possible leaks and structure integrity, and to be sure there is plenty of insulation all in the proper places so your heat stays where it is supposed to be.


Home comfort is what makes a structure a home. The systems at the heart of your house need to be all functioning properly for it to do the proper job of keeping you and your family warm and safe. We inspect the heating, ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems to ensure all are working in a safe and efficient manner.

Assurance House & Building Inspections does not only offer a full inspection of your most important investment, it offers you peace of mind.

Proudly serving New Brunswick

Dalhousie, Campbellton, Atholville, Charlo, Balmoral, Dundee, Bathurst, Jacket River, Petit Rocher, Nigadoo, Beresford & surrounding areas

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